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Become a member of SIB-Groningen by filling out the form below! Not sure yet? Feel free to join us at one of our activities – or contact the board for more information.

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  • The contribution (35 euros) will be collected around 1 November of the association year. Members sign the mandatory ‘algemene machtiging’ (financial authorisation), with which they authorise SIB-Groningen to collect all financial obligations towards SIB-Groningen from the above stipulated bank account. Within four weeks of signing the ‘algemene machtiging’ a member can cancel this authorisation at their bank. If you become a member after 1 November of the association year, the contribution will be collected around 1 June.
  • Cancellation of the financial authorisation is only possible by ending the membership in writing to the Secretary.
  • Cancellation of the membership is due in writing before 1 September of the association year. Cancellations that are received after 1 September will mean the contribution of that association year is still due.
  • Changes of address have to be submitted to the Secretary of the Board as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

  • SIB-Groningen collects your personal data to comply with its legal obligation to keep a members administration. Furthermore, your data are used to keep you updated about our association and its activities.
  • The Board of SIB-Groningen is responsible for the protection of your personal data.
  • We collect and store the information you have provided us with on your membership registration form, both digitally and on paper. This consists of your name, address, date and place of birth, study, student number, phone number, email address, and IBAN.
  • During your membership, your contact details might be shared with Disputen, committees, and other entities within our association to help them in finding new members and in executing their tasks. The Board only shares your contact details within our association if they deem this strictly necessary for the attainment of the entity’s goals.
  • Your student number is shared with the University and the Hanzehogeschool in order for us to qualify for funding. Your student number is only used by these partners to determine the number of members in our association, and is deleted after this has been established.
  • Once your membership ends, your personal data are stored for two years. After this, all of your personal data will be deleted.
  • To request a copy of your personal data, please send an email to
  • If you would like to change or erase any part of the personal data stored by us, please send an email to

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