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Please fill out the form below to become a full member of SIB Groningen now for only 25 euros for the remainder of the academic year. Not sure yet? Feel free to join us every Monday – or contact the board for more information. If you are already a member, but would like to apply an account on the website, please follow this link.


Subscribes to become a member of SIB-Groningen and hereby authorises SIB-Groningen to collect the yearly contribution, the amount of which is stipulated in the Huishoudelijk Reglement, from the following bank account

I have read and agree to the Conditions.

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A) The contribution (35 euros) will be collected around 1 November of the association year. Members sign the mandatory ‘algemene machtiging’ (financial authorisation), with which they authorise SIB-Groningen to collect all financial obligations towards SIB-Groningen from the above stipulated bank account. Within four weeks of signing the ‘algemene machtiging’ a member can cancel this authorisation at their bank. If you become a member after 1 November of the association year, the contribution will be collected around 1 June. 

B) Cancellation of the financial authorisation is only possible by ending the membership in writing to the secretary. 

C) Cancellation of the membership is due in writing before 1 September of the association year. Cancellations that are received after 1 September will mean the contribution of that association year is still due.

D) Changes of address have to be submitted to the Secretary of the board as soon as possible.

E) Your membership will automatically be extended, unless you sign out before the 1st of September. The membership fee for a full year will be €35,-.