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Subscribes to become a member of SIB-Groningen and hereby authorises SIB-Groningen to collect the yearly contribution, the amount of which is stipulated in the Huishoudelijk Reglement, from the following bank account

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A) The contribution (35 euros) will be collected around 1 November of the association year. Members sign the mandatory ‘algemene machtiging’ (financial authorisation), with which they authorise SIB-Groningen to collect all financial obligations towards SIB-Groningen from the above stipulated bank account. Within four weeks of signing the ‘algemene machtiging’ a member can cancel this authorisation at their bank. If you become a member after 1 November of the association year, the contribution will be collected around 1 June. 

B) Cancellation of the financial authorisation is only possible by ending the membership in writing to the secretary. 

C) Cancellation of the membership is due in writing before 1 September of the association year. Cancellations that are received after 1 September will mean the contribution of that association year is still due.

D) Changes of address have to be submitted to the Secretary of the board as soon as possible.