Hi! We’re QUE (Qui Undique Erunt), the youngest and first international dispuut of SIB. We were established in 2015 and our name originates from the fact that our roots lie everywhere and that we have lived in the most diverse places. With our three An(n)a’s, our adorable mascot/fierce and merciful god Pricus, 100% success rate of winning the disputen competition and the dispuut with the highest amount of glasses and lenses, we’re quite an odd bunch. Come celebrate Russian Christmas with us, QUElentine’s Day, May the 4th or Persian New Year! We like to have discussions about the strangest of things, going to premieres in the cinema of some film we were too hyped about, making up our own games. Don’t be afraid to talk to us on any Monday night, we won’t kill you (unless you disagree with our personal pineapple on pizza opinion).


Ana, Ana, Anna, Frank, Harm, Jesse, Kristan, Maarten, Max, Mendy, Michael, Pablo, Sven, Wouter and your Vlad <3