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Why do you collect my data?


First of all, SIB-Groningen collects your personal data to comply with its legal obligation to keep a members administration. Your data are also used to keep you updated about our association and its activities, but only after your consent.


If you have an account on our website, we store standard information such as your name and email address. This information is needed to make sure that you are eligible to have an account and enables you to view internal information about the association.

Furthermore, we automatically collect statistical data on the usage of our website from all visitors. This data is anonymous. For this, we make use of functional and analytical cookies.


Most of our activities are open and free for everybody to visit. For some of them, we might need some additional information. This data is only used for the specific activity and gets deleted right after. We always ask for your permission before collecting this data.

What data do you store?

We collect and store the information you have provided us with on your membership registration form, both digitally and on paper. These consist of your name, address, date and place of birth, study, student number, phone number, email address, and IBAN. Your membership details are stored for the duration of your membership, and for two years after your membership ends. After this term, we will only store your name, date of birth, and SIB membership term in our personal archive and the Groninger Archieven. This information will only be used for historical and research purposes. We will permanently delete all other records.

As stated above, we might collect some additional information necessary for the activities we organise. This data is only used for those activities and gets deleted afterwards.

We securely store your data on our servers and in our archives.

Who can view my data?

The Board of SIB-Groningen is responsible for the protection of your personal data. If you are a member, we might share some of your contact details with disputen and committees within our association to help them in finding new members and in executing their tasks. We only share your contact details within our association if this is strictly necessary to attain the entity’s goals.

Your student number is shared with the University and the Hanzehogeschool to help us in applying for funding. Your student number is only used by these partners to determine the number of members in our association and is deleted after this becomes clear.

What are my rights?

As we collect your personal data, you are granted a couple of rights. To request a copy of your personal data, you can send an email to If you would like to change or erase any part of personal data stored by us, please send an email to You also have the right to be forgotten completely, for which you can, again, send an email to

If you have any further questions about the way we collect, use or store your data, please send an email to

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