Short-term student exchange in Japan

Short-term student exchange in Japan

Dear students,

Have you always wanted to go to Japan for a short-term student exchange? Now is your chance!

The Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands is happy to announce the upcoming terms of the MIRAI Programme, which is financially fully supported by the Japanese government.

Students are invited to participate in a program which consists of two parts:

① an online pre-exchange program and ② a program in Japan where they will not only engage in academic activities but get acquainted with Japanese culture as well!

Curious? Check out our website for more information about the application procedure and the eligibility requirements.
We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this information among your peers by referring to our website or sharing our Facebook post.



Naturally the necessary precautions will be taken regarding the situation surrounding COVID-19. However, since the situation is unpredictable there is always a chance the upcoming term might be postponed or cancelled.

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