Movie project looking for extras!

Movie project looking for extras!

Movie Project looking for extras!

The TEIMUN Foundation is working on a live-action feature-film, titled “Who Killed Kenya” that tells the story of a murder mystery set at a political student conference. Showing all the sides of such a Model UN conference, means that some scenes need many people to fill up the background. These scenes include moments like the opening ceremony, the evening Gala, the Global Village and the Orange Party.

So, if you would like to experience a big film set in person and appear in a movie that will be seen by people all over the world, then this is your chance. You can be everything from a well-dressed, ambitious looking participant to a drunk party guest leaving it all on the dance floor. The choice is yours!

You have till the 31st of March to sign up. After that, we will match you to the scenes we have. All filming will be done in Groningen, mostly in May (and June). To sign up, just visit our website.

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