Fellowship Netherlands institute in Turkey

Fellowship Netherlands institute in Turkey

Application Deadline: June 21, 2020

The NIT offers 4 to 5 fellowships in 2020 to graduate students (MA, rMA, PhD) enrolled in universities in the
Netherlands for a short research stay at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Istanbul). The institute offers up to one
month of free accommodation in the institute, a travel grant up to 200 euros, a workplace and an inspiring research

Periods and Deadlines
September-December 2020 – Deadline 21 June 2019
The NIT aims to notify applicants whether their application was successful within two weeks after the deadline.

Who can apply?
Advanced MA students and PhD students currently enrolled in a university in the Netherlands. Recent graduates that
plan to continue their studies/research can also apply.

The topic of the proposed research should have a link with the scope of the institute: the study of the history, cultures,
and society of Anatolia/Turkey in past and present. Preferably the proposed project is part of a thesis or dissertation
project at the student’s home institution. Proposals to rework a thesis into an article or to develop a dissertation
proposal will also be considered.

Successful applicants receive 1) free accommodation in the comfortable guestrooms of the institute for up to one
month; 2) a travel grant up to 200 euros; 3) 24/7 access to the library of the institute; 4) a workplace in the NIT
offices or NIT library.

The maximum stay for fellows is one month. The guestrooms of the institute are also available to others coming to
Istanbul for research purposes, for a modest fee.

How to apply?
An application form can be downloaded from here. Please email the filled in form to Ms. Ülker Sözen, u.sozen@nit-istanbul.org.

The facilities of the NIT guestrooms include a private bathroom, kitchenette, wireless internet, cleaning, linen and
towels. Cooking is not possible in the building, but there are shops and numerous affordable restaurants in the direct

Responsibilities of the fellow:
Following the research stay, the fellow is asked to submit a short report on the work carried out at the institute.
Depending on topic and circumstances, the fellow may also be asked to give a presentation on the research to NIT
staff, other researchers or a larger audience.

More information:
For questions related to your application, send an e-mail to Fokke Gerritsen (fa.gerritsen@nit-istanbul.org). For
practical questions, send an e-mail in English to Ms. Ülker Sözen (u.sozen@nit-istanbul.org). For general information
on the Netherlands Institute in Turkey, see www.nit-istanbul.org, or Facebook: NIT-Netherlands Institute in Turkey.

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