Dad, how do I become a man?

How does a man find himself?

Dad, how do I build my clan?

All I had to answer myself.


I wish I had an example I could follow,

A role-model, or at least some inspiration

But my heart, it filled with sorrow,

I turned to condemnation.


You worked so hard, but for whom?

I wanted a father, not a new room,

And when the riches turned to dust,

Our relationship did further rust.


To me, you were my shadow,

The things within I feared the most,

My flaws on you I did bestow,

My shadow, it became a ghost.


A ghost can only pass when peace is made,

When both sides reconcile with truth,

Let’s cut through the pain with a blade,

To let the old wound heal and soothe.

By Konstantijn Rondhuis

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