This is how you survive high electricity rates!

Your tank is full and your wallet is empty. Petrol is getting more expensive by the day and it doesn’t really surprise you anymore. You have read and heard about all the oil issues and you’re familiar with the high Dutch taxes on fuel, but maybe you didn’t think about the effect that the increasing oil prices have on you electricity bill. Yes, though the electricity rates are not as dependable on the oil prices as the petrol is, they are still related. We better brace ourselves; the price for electricity is going up. Now you might be peeking in your wallet and wonder how you can keep your spending in check? Luckily, we have found some good ways that will help you to save on your electricity bills.

1. Lights out!

Try to only use your lights on cloudy days and when the sun goes down. Sunlight is free, so open up those curtains and enjoy! Also, when you leave a room, make sure all lights are out.

2. Pull the plug

You might think your TV is off and is not using any electricity, but think again. Your TV and also other equipment likes to remain on standby, and though it is little, they still need energy for that. So pull those plugs and remove chargers from the sockets as soon as you have finished to charge your devices.

3. Use your equipment wisely

It’s all fun and games to own a dryer and a dishwasher, until you realize how much energy they consume. So instead of using the dishwasher for those few cups and plates, why not roll up your sleeves and wash them in the sink? Try to use the dryer only when necessary and get yourself used to hang your clothes out to dry on the balcony.

4. Showers should be short

After a long day, you probably look forward to a long, hot shower to wash all your stress away. But at the end of the month, the stress will come to bite you, because a hot shower equals a high energy bill. To warm the water, a lot of energy is needed, so it’s better to wash yourself with lukewarm water. Probably this will also automatically make you shower for a shorter time, especially in winter.

5. Compare energy providers (energie vergelijken)

Last but not least: Compare energy can help you to pay the lowest price for the energy you use. Who knows, maybe you save enough to bring those hot showers back into your daily routine!

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