There is every reason to come visit Groningen and its surrounding area

There is every reason to come visit Groningen and its surrounding area

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Of course, SIB would be very happy to welcome you to the great city of Groningen to visit one of our upcoming events. The city itself is filled to the brim with wonderful sights, from architecture to museums. But there is more to be found beyond the city limits. So why not get yourself a car and head into the surrounding countryside to find more of what the northern part of the Netherlands has to offer? You will not be disappointed. We will get you started with a couple of suggestions.


Seal shelter

A 35 minute drive to the north will bring you to the small town of Pieterburen. It is an agreeable, cute village in itself, with a beautiful church. But that is not its main claim to fame. It houses a famous seal shelter maintained by volunteers that can be visited for an entrance fee of 6 euros. Besides this, Pieterburen is a good starting point for a walking tour over the dry sea beds of the Waddenzee during low tide, a quintessentially Dutch experience.


Fortified town

On the other side of the city of Groningen, a cool 50 minutes drive southeast, there is the old fortified town of Bourtange. Situated right at the border with Germany, Bourtange is built in the classic star shape that can be found in several other fortified towns in the Netherlands. Despite its fortification, Bourtange was never actually acknowledged as a city. Nevertheless, it is a quaint and very Dutch place with a well preserved old town and it is definitely worth a visit.


Go the jungle or on a safari

54 minutes driving to the south of Groningen, you can find the Wildlands Adventure Zoo. This recently updated zoo is situated in the city of Emmen and has many worthwhile attractions. Ticket prices start at 25 euros, which is not necessarily cheap but does provide you with several hours of entertainment. You can visit a simulated jungle with several activities and, of course, animals. Or go on a simulated safari and see rhinos, lions and giraffes. They also have an arctic environment that includes polar bears that you can observe above and below water. And you don’t want to miss the penguins, of course.



Plenty of fun in the Groningen area, as you can see. A car is the best way to see all that you want to see, and driving in this part of the Netherlands is hardly a stressful experience. Nevertheless, compare car insurance before you start your roadtrip and make sure you are well covered against damage caused by accidents or breakdowns. Things can happen, even when you don’t expect them too, and you do not want to be stuck somewhere without proper services taken care of. Taken care of everything? Come visit us, Groningen and its surrounding beauty.


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