The price of being a student

The price of being a student

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Although moving out from their parental house is an exciting experience, it also confronts new students with the reality of adult life. Among the main obstacles that students experience are the extra daily costs. They seem to appear out of nowhere when setting one step inside a new cosy student room.

Why moving out is expensive
Whereas Wifi was a free and unlimited commodity at home, students have to start thinking about the cheapest way to communicate with their friends 24/7. Having to do groceries their selves, many freshmen also suddenly realize how expensive basic needs such as food are. Furthermore, not all the different events organized for students are completely free.  And they would never have expected that they would be making time to compare energy companies to save on service fees. But the cost that causes the most frustration among students are often the waste collection charges. At least the internet and food can be directly enjoyed, but this tax just feels like throwing away money. In short, leaving parents to move into a student house often costs more than students realize beforehand. 

Reducing costs of the student life

Luckily, there are many ways to reduce costs when moving into a student room. Hereby some practical tips to make the student life more affordable.

  • Eating together with friends or housemates. Preparing a meal for more people will reduce the costs per person. That nice pasta pesto is more enjoyable anyway when sharing it with good friends. 
  • Proposing to use ‘Wie betaalt wat’ with housemates. In student houses, there are always people who are better at stocking the kitchen and cleaning supplies than others. With the handy ‘Wie betaalt wat’-app, it is easy to keep track of the expenses made for shared products such as toilet paper. At the end of the month, housemates can make sure that those who made expenses are paid back by the others. 
  • Trying to reduce monthly costs. For example, making sure to buy the cheapest health insurance by checking websites that help with comparing the different options. It is also worthwhile to compare energy providers to reduce costs.
  • Making smart use of study books. Not all listed books are intensively used in a course. When a book is only needed for two tasks, costs can be saved by borrowing the book from the library instead of buying it. Many students also try to save costs by selling the books that they do not need anymore. 
  • Riding a bicycle. Bikes are much cheaper than public transportation, and give you a free workout! On top of that, it is a very environmentally friendly type of transportation.
  • Students who still want to go to the gym can get a sports membership from the university. They are subsidised and much cheaper than regular gyms. 

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