Stay warm in the winter and start saving energy and money

Stay warm in the winter and start saving energy and money

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Studying can be an expensive experience. Of course, it’s also enriching, inspiring and it will open doors for you that would otherwise have stayed closed. But still: it ’s expensive. We will give you some tips on how you can keep your energy costs and expenses low during a cold and long winter.


Buy draught excluders

First of all, think easy and cheap. Stopping heat loss is not that hard. Buy some draft excluders and place them around your doors and windows. This way, the heat loss will be minimized, and therefore you save energy. Also: the installation of a draught excluder is super easy and you can just do it yourself. If all your roommates buy them, you can keep the costs low while the benefits will be high. While you’re at that store, buy yourself a cheap blanket as well. It will go nicely with your warm pyjamas and it will keep you warm and snuggly on those cold winter nights. Plus, if you buy one that looks nice, you can give your interior a decorative touch as well. Win-win.


Energy efficient

While you are finishing your studies, living in a dorm is even more expensive than living at home with your parents. Therefore it’s important to ask your roommates if they are willing to work and start saving money with you. If you buy any new items for the dorm, like a washing machine, a refrigerator or any comparable items, take a look at their energy label. Make sure that you buy something that does not use a whole lot of energy. You can ask a store clerk for options that are energy efficient.

Plus if you buy one washing machine for the entire dorm and take turns using it, even buying it will be cheap.


Outside factors

While we’re talking about saving energy and the cost of energy, energy compare is an important factor as well. Take a look at the companies which deliver your energy. Some of them will have very interesting deals for you. If you land a good deal, your energy supply will cost less and you’ll save even more money. Some energy companies will offer you a gift with your new contract. Make sure to calculate what your costs will be and what your actual benefit is. In some cases, the gift will not be worth it, since your monthly dues will be so high, that you will basically ‘buy’ the gift yourself. Discount on the price will provide you with a better advantage than the gift included.

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