newsletter 6 march – 12 march

newsletter 6 march – 12 march

Dearest SIBlings,

I hope you’re all doing well after a very fun, fresh, and funky gala last night with lots of momentous memories made! Most of the board currently melting on their chairs, nursing their hangovers with an impromptu McDonald’s provided by the lovely Anni. This afternoon we had our first Vrijmiboard games, and we played a thrilling game of Risk! together. Make sure to keep an eye out on when our next vrijmibo will be to join in on the fun!

This week we had a lecture called “Ukraine: World’s Testing Ground for Military Robots by Wim Zwijnenburg and Dr Kristian Gustafson who contextualized the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. This lecture considered the implications of robotics usage within such modern warfare. From a historic view, the rise of technology is taken into account, delving into the impacts on various actors (national and international), international rights and more. It was a fabulous lecture, so many thanks to Arno de Jong for organising it! It was also lovely seeing how many of you stayed for drinks afterwards

Then, this Thursday we had the long-awaited Galant Gala! I hope you all had as wonderful of a time as we did (taking fulllll advantage of the unlimited drinks ;)) It was great seeing so many of you there for a night full of dancing and Galanting in your fabulous outfits! 

This coming Monday, the 6th of March, the Accie has organised an interactive debate night for you all! Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in discussions concerning feminism, climate change and degrowth, and fast fashion. It is sure to be an exciting night so make sure to come on down and share your opinion.

Then, on Thursday the 9th of March, there will be another GMA, starting at 19:47, taking place at The Cabin. During this GMA, the board will present what it has been up to in the last 3 months, committees, dispute and PGs will give updates on how they are getting along, and members will have the opportunity to give their suggestions/comments about the inner workings of the association, amongst other things. All entities of the SIB are expected to attend, so we hope to see you all there!

Furthermore, the Yearbook Auction and party are just around the corner! At the Yearbook Auction, each committee, project group, dispuut and other entity of the SIB will auction an item or service that you will be able to purchase! All money raised during this event will go to the production costs of our yearbook. Show up to support the Yearbook Committee, irresponsibly spend money on the things your fellow SIBlings have to offer (there will be free beer on offer to help you with this) and secure some loot! Show up early if you want some free drinks tonight After the auction, Feestcie will organize a wonderful Albert Heijn themed party to celebrate the Lustrum of the Bonus Card – make sure to come ready in your Albert Heijniest outfits and merch.

With applications opening up in just a few weeks, if you are interested in applying for the 77th Board of SIB-Groningen, there are many opportunities to help you prepare! We have our 2nd Board interest event coming up on March 23rd – more information will follow soon! In the meantime, if you have any questions about positions/the application process/anything really, don’t hesitate to reach out, we are more than happy to help!

Additionally, as you may know, we recently announced the destination of this year’s SIB trip! I hope you are all as excited as we are to visit beautiful Bulgaria and the terrific Türkiye. If you would like the chance to go on this fantastic trip, a coveted position has opened up so act fast and you can sign up here!

We also have SIB merch available for sale! We offer hoodies, sweaters, ties, pins and caps. They are very stylish and suitable for any occasion (especially SIB trips) so be sure to check them out!

Did you know the SIB exists in four cities in the Netherlands? If you’d like to learn more about SIB across the Netherlands and our lovely sister associations, click here to check out SIB-NL’s Website.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday

Lots of love

On behalf of Board 76

 hanna <3

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