Newsletter 23 – 30 april

Newsletter 23 – 30 april

Dearest SIBlings,

This week I (Eef) will be making my debut as a newsletter-writer.  I’m really happy to look back on a fun week – karaoke night was a blast! Varying levels of singing skill were more than made up by pure enthousiasm, and we were very happy to see so many of you there. From Happy Birthday, to ABBA, to Kiss From a Rose, some great bangers made an appearance. The pictures are already on the website, so go give them a look! Of course yesterday we had our documentary night and panel discussion. It was a long evening filled with snacks and elephants.

Since half of the Board was out of office, it has a been a bit of a quiet week sometimes. Luckily Marty & some of my committees kept me company! If you want to keep us company, and help me puzzle or come up with picture-of-the-month-captions, our open office hours are daily between 13:00 – 15:00 so feel free to climb the stairs at Pelsterstraat to heaven (the SIB office).

Next week, on Monday the 24th,  Dispuut BOEF will bring us a lecture by Marcel Petrusma, who works for Wende. This is an organisation that works to protect women and other vulnerable groups. BOEF is also organising a raffle in order to raise money to update the courtyard in the shelter, as it is often the only outside space these women and families have access to. This will take place on Monday the 15th of May. You can buy tickets for the raffle here!

After the lecture, GIST & Mancala are organising a pirate themed party! Make sure to dress up in your best naval costume, brush up on your pirate code and bring your party spirit.

There are no other SIB activities next week, which gives you plenty of time to practice your acts for SIB on Stage! Time flies and this show is only 10 days away, so I encourage everyone to come up with their best holiday-themed act.  In relation to this, the SIB awards have already opened up for votes, so click here to give your opinion.

Moreover, we have two trips lined up for you! On Tuesday the 2nd of May, Soccie will take us to Rotterdam to discover the city and bounce the day away at Bounce Valley. The trip will cost up to 36 euros, which includes train tickets and entry to Bounce Valley. You can sign up here. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

The second trip is the Hitchhike Competitino to Berlin, which will be from June 1st – 3rd. For just 130 euros, you’ll get to participate in a unique competition that challenges you to navigate your way from Groningen to Berlin using only your wits, charm, and hitchhiking skills  – prior hitchhiking skills not required.  You can sign up here for your chance to take part in this much loved SIB tradition and to experience splendid Berlin. Since this trip takes place in June, I hope it will feature loads of the sun that we got a little preview of between Monday and Wednesday.

We also have SIB merch available for sale, and click here to check out our lovely Sister SIBs all over the country! 

That’s been it from me this week! 
Peace out and don’t forget to vote for picture & quote of the month March <3

On behalf of Board 76

Elf Pelters

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