Newsletter 22-28 may

Newsletter 22-28 may

Dearest lovely SIBlings,

This week in the office we have been discussing bees. Did you know that bees can fly at up to 12mph and that they communicate by waggle-dancing? From their vital role in our ecosystem to their delicious honey to their fantastic acting talents (The Bee Movie), we are very happy to see so many of them again this spring! Make sure to plant some bee-friendly flowers to let them visit you too!

This Monday we had a lecture organised in collaboration with Studium Generale in the Aula. We were provided with a college tour with the former Moldovan Prime Minister, Natalia Gavrilita, interviewed by Franka Hummels. We learned more about Moldova’s intentions to enter the EU, security threats, energy blackmail and her experiences as a woman in Politics. 

Following the lecture we had the BOEF raffle, to raise money for Wender’s Shelter, those who won and were unable to collect their prizes on the evening will be reached out to personally, and a time will be arranged for you to pick these up. After that, we had a sleepover party, organised by disputen BOEF and Eo Sensu with some funky nail art and some gezellige drinks. A big thank you to everyone who came and supported them!

This upcoming Monday, the 22nd of May, we will have a lecture titled ‘UN Diplomacy’ by Martijn Dadema, the Mayor of Raalte. He will give us an overview of his past career experiences in New York and various African countries, and discuss our responsibility to protect. This lecture was organised by Bram van Lenthe and will take place at Van Swinderen Huys at 20:00.

Then, we will have our long-awaited Preferred Candidate Board Announcement! Are you curious about who Board 77 will be? Make sure to come on down to Mesacosa at 22:00 to find out! The Feestcie has organised a fantastic party with the theme ‘Trains, Planes, and Bicycle Lanes’. Be sure to dress up in costume!

Please also note, that we have a 2 part GMA coming up. This will be very exciting as in the first part this Thursday, May 25th, we will be voting on the membership fee proposal, and in the second part on June 8th, we will be electing the new 77th Candidate Board! In order to vote on the 25th, the board would like to request your presence so that you can give your opinion! Both of these GMAs will be taking place at The Cabin, starting at 19:47 sharp.

We also have SIB merch available for sale! 

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Lots of love,

On behalf of Board 76

hanna <3

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