Newsletter 1-7 may

Newsletter 1-7 may

Dearest lovely SIBlings,

 Whether you partied at festivals, vibed in the city or just chilled with friends – I hope you all had a fantastic Kings Day! The city really came to life this Thursday, with the grachten full of people trying their hand at selling some special treasures, and live music everywhere! For those of you not used to the celebrations, I hope this little piece of Dutch culture opened your eyes to the wonders of Orange.

This past Monday, BOEF organised a lecture by Marcel Petrusma from Wender, who came to talk to us about the important work that goes on in, and the process behind shelters. Wender currently has plans to revamp their courtyard, specifically for vulnerable women for whom it would be too unsafe to leave the facility. If you would like the opportunity to help these women, BOEF has organised a raffle with some snazzy prizes, including kitchen appliances, home decor and more, so make sure to click here to snag yourself some tickets! After the lecture, Gist and Mancala got together to throw a Pirate party for all our lovely SIB members, there were eye patches galore! With some old sea shanties and games, it was a very fun night, so many thanks to both disputen and everyone who dressed up so snazzily.

Next Monday we have the long-awaited SIB on stage coming up! I hope you have all been practising your festive acts, ready for this incredible Monday, brought to you by the Feestcie. Signing up to perform can be done by clicking here. All proceeds are donated to our charity, Groningen Verwelkomt. Additionally, the SIB awards have are also open for votes, so click here to give your opinion! Both forms will close at 9:00am on Monday 1st of May, so be sure to sign up before then for the chance to perfom/give your valuable opinions!

Next Tuesday Soccie has its first city trip! They will be taking you to the radiant Rotterdam to Bouncevalley, so you can live out your inflatable dreams. It is sure to be a fantastic trip, providing you with a full day in Rotterdam, including travel and access to the bounce centre for only €36! Click here to sign up now. 

Furthermore, signups for the Hitchhike trip to Berlin are still open! Click here to make sure you don’t miss out on the adventure. You get the opportunity to participate in a unique competition that challenges you to navigate your way from Groningen to Berlin using only your wits, charm, and hitchhiking skills. It’s the ultimate test of your resourcefulness and ability to adapt to new situations. And the best part? The competition is open to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned hitchhiker or a first-timer, this is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone and discover new horizons. Don’t
 miss your chance!

We also have SIB merch available for sale! 

Click here to check out our lovely Sister SIBs all over the country.

Lots of love

On behalf of Board 76

 hanna <3

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