Sustainable Living for Students

Published in cooperation with Changing the world starts with you, and it starts today In case you missed the memo: sustainable living isn’t just for hippies and hipsters an…


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Introducing: Ank Bijleveld

On Monday 3 September, we will have the honour of receiving the Dutch Minister for Defence, Ank Bijleveld. She will give an interactive guest lecture about Dutch defence policy, at which all attendant…


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Dating China

Written by Saskia Everything seemed to be better, back in the days. Avocados were just 1 euro, the Netherlands was actually able to qualify for the World Cup and even reach the final, and China seemed…


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Meet the 72nd Preferred Candidate Board!

It is with honour and great pleasure that we announce to you….. our Preferred 72nd Candidate Board! President and Commissioner of PR: Zsa-Zsa van Wijk Secretary and Commissioner of External…


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From Cameroon to the Noorderplantsoen

It is a beautiful day in Groningen. The sun is shining and, although it is at least 5 degrees too cold, everyone is wearing shorts. The Noorderplantsoen is covered with sunburnt necks and fr…


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Dutch cities to bring your foreign friends

In cooperation with  Introduction The Netherlands is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Gorgeous fields of flowers, canals, windmills, and of course the world famous Amsterda…


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The price of being a student

Published in cooperation with Pricewise Although moving out from their parental house is an exciting experience, it also confronts new students with the reality of adult life. Among the main obstacles…


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Low-energy student houses: what can you do?

Published in cooperation with Students from the city of Deventer took the lead in this year’s Student Energy Race. They pulled out all the stops to achieve this: turning the heat lowe…


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Introducing: Kornelis Blok

The second speaker of the symposium “International Climate Politics and the Energy Transition”, which takes place on 5 April, is Prof. Kornelis Blok. Kornelis Blok works as a Professor of Energy S…


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Introducing: Marcel Beukeboom

The first speaker of the symposium “International Climate Politics and the Energy Transition”, which takes place on 5 April, is Marcel Beukeboom. Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom is the lead climate…


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How to keep your stuff safe as a student

In cooperation with You are a student so every penny counts! Time to think about all that expensive stuff that is is stored in your dorm room. In almost every student room you ca…


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Introducing: Joanna Williams

The second speaker of the forum “State of the Academy”, which takes place on 5 March, is Dr. Joanna Williams. Williams began her career teaching English in secondary schools and Further Educa…


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Introducing: Trudy Dehue

The first speaker of the forum “State of the Academy”, which takes place on 5 March, is Em. Prof. Trudy Dehue. Dehue began her working life at the clinic for child psychiatry at the Academ…


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Protect your Privacy

By Anna Montagne I travel a lot by train. And yes, I’m a poor student who makes use of “WiFi in de trein” (WiFi on the train) because there is no way that I have money to survive my three hour t…


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