Lustrum XIV Aftermovie

Take a look at the aftermovie of SIB-Groningen’s fourteenth Lustrum

Lustrum XIV

In 1947, the SIB was born. 70 years later, we celebrated its birthday with our Lustrum Week! This week was filled to the brim with a combination of intellectual and social activities, all surrounding the theme ‘The Sustainable Generation’. It was definitely a week to remember!


In the Lustrum week, a variety of activities took place. On Monday, we started off the week with a fabulous opening party. On Tuesday, the day started easy with a nice recharge brunch and ended with a movie night. The Wednesday was filled with an interesting masterclass and a amazing night with the Disputen activity. Thursday was a day filled with intellect: our Lustrum Congres took place. Finally, on Friday, we closed off the week with a gala and gala dinner.