Monday November 14

Opening Party:

Let’s get this Lustrum week started! This opening party will provide you with everything you need to party all 75 years of SIB’s history away. Inspired by the novels by Jules Verne, we invite you to join us in our gentlemen’s club. We will have a unique evening programme, with a variety of drinks and drinking games from all over the world.

Tuesday November 15

Groninger Day

SIB-Groningen has enjoyed all that Groningen has to offer for 75 years now, so why not celebrate Groninger culture?! Join our daytrip and we will show you all the best of our beautiful city. Enjoy a workshop at GRID, a tour of the Provinciehuis, and a tasting of local beers!


Wednesday November 16

Lustrum Conference

On the Wednesday, we will first have the Lustrum conference. This conference will explore and explain the various perspectives on culture in a global, ever-changing context. The importance of this matter can be expressed in the enormous impact visible and invisible aspects of culture have on international politics and indeed our daily lives. This topic will be approached through the theme of the conference: Globalisation and Cultural Exchange.


Wednesday November 16

Disputen Grand Prix

The Disputen have been an important part of SIB during its recent history. Come join them as they show off their drinking games during this Disputen event! You can of course also attend this event when you aren’t in a Dispuut yourself.


Thursday November 17

Hangover Brunch

The Lustrum week is now halfway done, and it might be time for us to settle down a bit. Come join the hangover brunch and we’ll enjoy some peace and quiet to break the week.


Thursday November 17

Movie Night: “Pride”

Let’s hang out together and watch a movie! We will be watching the movie Pride (2014). Based on a true story, the film depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British miners’ strike in 1984, at the outset of what would become the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign. Snacks will be provided!


Friday November 18

Dinner and Gala:
“RETROFUTURISM: 1947-2097”

Put on your dancing shoes, and join our Lustrum gala (and fancy dinner beforehand!) We will be looking back on 75 glorious years, and looking ahead at what’s to come! Dress like your favorite decade in the past, or choose to go for futuristic. Either way, it’ll be a night to remember.

Lustrum sweater 

Want to show off your Lustrum fashion sense? Then buy the one and only Lustrum sweater! For a maximum price of €25 this beauty can be yours.

Saturday November 19

Alumni Day

Calling all SIB-alumni! Were you a member of SIB-Groningen sometime between 1947 and 2022? Then we’d love to reconnect with you! As part of our Lustrum, we are organizing a Lustrum day full of events. Come discover what Groningen looks like now, and catch up with your fellow former SIB-members!


Lustrum Events Committee

The Lustrum Events Committee is the committee within SIB-Groningen that is in charge of organising the activities of the Lustrum week. This includes the opening party on the first day of the week, the events in between, as well as the gala on the last day. The committee consists of Marieke Bouma (Coordinator of Lustrum Events), Matleena Hautala (Treasurer), Linda van Dijk and Welmoed van den Bergh.

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