XV Lustrum

In November 2022, the SIB celebrated its XV Lustrum with the theme ‘Cultures in motion’. We had five Lustrum coordinators who helped us organise the Lustrum.

Additionally, we had three Lustrum committees who helped the Lustrum coordinators with this.

Below you can find more information about the Lustrum coordinators and the committees itself.

Lustrum Book Committee

The Lustrum Book Committee is responsible for creating the Lustrum book. This is similar to the normal yearbook, but instead of looking back at the past year it gives an

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Lustrum Conference Committee

The Lustrum Conference Committee is responsible for organising the conference during the Lustrum week. This is a one-day event focused on ‘Cultures in motion’. The goal of the conference is

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Lustrum Events Committee

The Lustrum Events Committee is in charge of organising the activities of the Lustrum week. This includes the opening party on the first day of the week, the events in

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Lustrum Coordinators

From left to right: Nina Valentini, Florentyna van Zanten, Sarah Heeling, Marieke Bouma & Bart van Donselaar

Coordinator of the Lustrum Conference: bART VAN dONSELAAR

Bart van Donselaar is the Coordinator of the Lustrum Conference. This means that he is the chair of the Conference Committee which organises the intellectual conference during the Lustrum.

Coordinator of Lustrum Events: Marieke Bouma

Marieke Bouma is the Coordinator of Lustrum Events. She is the chair of the Lustrum Event Committee. Together they are responsible for the programme and all events during the Lustrum, apart from the conference. Moreover, they also organise the Lustrum Gala happening at the end of the week.

Coordinator of the Lustrum Book: Sarah Heeling

Sarah Heeling is the Coordinator of the Lustrum Book. Together with the Lustrum Book Committee, she will create the Lustrum book this year. This book looks back on all SIB’s experiences and memories of the past years.

Coordinator of PR: Florentyna van Zanten

Florentyna van Zanten is the Coordinator of PR. She is responsible for the PR Plan of the Lustrum and has meetings with the Commissioner of PR and the Board to go through it. She is responsible for the posters, merchandise and social media. Moreover, she will also come up with a PR stunt for the Lustrum.

Coordinator of Fundraising & Acquisition: Nina Valentini

Nina Valentini is the Coordinator of Fundraising & Acquisition. She is responsible for responsible for finding and applying to Funds as well as finding partners for acquisition. She does this together with the Commissioner of External Affairs.

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