Lustrum Committees

Team of Directors

Bram Omvlee (president)

Mats Stegeman (treasurer)

Florentyna van Zanten (funds and PR)

Jeroen Dam (acquisition) 

Lustrum Conference

Dorien van Dam (president)

Harm Laméris

Anne van der Wolff

Harm Hulshof

Lustrum Book

Dennis Bouwens (president) 

Demi Wormgoor

Michael Hicks

Lustrum Program

Tineke Wind (president)

Sarah Burgers  

Lotte Huiberts

Jesse Torenbosch

Saskia Manders

Lustrum Committee

Structure of the Lustrum Committee

The Lustrum Committee will be supervised by three main responsible persons: the President of the Committee, the Treasurer and the Fundraising + PR-Coordinator. These functions need to be performed by more experienced SIB members, who will be in Groningen for the next 1.5 years. The primary task of the Lustrum Committee is supporting the SIB Board in organizing the Lustrum celebrations of 2017. The relation between Lustrum Committee and the SIB Board is as follows: the Board of the association bears full responsibility for the Lustrum as a whole. Therefore, the Lustrum Committee discusses all the developments and possible obstacles with the Board. The Board and the Committee will have meetings once a week to keep a good overview and to keep in touch with each other. This allows new ideas to be discussed from both sides. Ultimately, the Board is responsible for the organization of the Lustrum. Therefore, it eventually is the Board that decides on current affairs (go/no-go signal). How does the Lustrum Committee support the Board?

  • The President of the Lustrum Committee is the main responsible for the communication between the Board and the Lustrum Committee. He is also the final responsible for meeting all the deadlines and the communication within the Committee.
  • The Treasurer oversees all of the revenues, expenses and budgets. He speaks to various subcommittees about their financial matters. He encourages subcommittee members to think big and to spend the money useful, he keeps track of expenditure and makes financial plans in close cooperation with the Association’s Treasurer. The Treasurer of the Board is always ultimately responsible for the Lustrum Committees financial health.
  • The  Fundraising + PRCoordinator is  responsible for contacting funds and companies for the Lustrum celebrations.  Also he has to keep track
  •  that enough money comes in for the subcommittees. He  is assisted by the fundraising  responsible. This person is also engaged in the
  •  promotion of the Lustrum.  The anniversary should not only be promoted in its entirety, but all the events  of the week should be promoted 
  • separately.
  • The relationship between the Treasurer + Fundraising/PR Coordinator and the Commissioner of  External Affairs (CE) is as follows; the Fundraising/PR Coordinator and the Fundraising person write most applications and letters together with the Treasurer of the Committee. The CE of the Board keeps track of this. The CE signs major applications. The Fundraising/PR Coordinator and the Fundraising responsible are able to work independently with sponsorships by approaching companies that are potential sponsors; the CE should always be informed about their plans.

Important decisions have to be made by the Lustrum Committee in cooperation with the Board. The Board remains the final responsible: only they can sign agreements/contracts to give permission for major decisions. The structure of the Committee can be found in the diagram. 

In the diagram it can be seen that besides the positions of President, Treasurer and Fundraising/PR Coordinator, there are also four subcommittees in which you can take part. The VVV-SIB Board (three persons) is responsible for the Alumni Day. The Secretary of the Board will keep close contact with them for the organization of the Alumni Day. This Board already exists and as a current SIB member it is not possible to apply for the VVV-SIB Board. Furthermore, they are not directly involved in the Lustrum Committee.

The Program Committee (four persons) is responsible for the opening party of the Lustrum, the movie night, the masterclass and the gala. Within this Subcommittee a few activities have been combined to make the Lustrum Committee more efficient.

Since we will celebrate our Lustrum in 2017, there will not be a separate Dies Natalis conference: the Dies Natalis Committee will organize the Lustrum conference. Therefore, we will look for a Lustrum Conference Committee (four persons). Also a Lustrum Book (two persons) will be written, to give an overview on the past 70 years of SIB history. This will not be the same book as the yearbook: there will still be a separate yearbook for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

Finally, as previously mentioned, there is one person helping the Fundraising + PR Coordinator (one person). This person assists the Treasurer and the Fundraising + PR Coordinator with the fundraising for the Lustrum.

Within each subcommittee, a President and Treasurer will be appointed, which is essential for solid communication between the subcommittee and the three main responsible persons of the Lustrum Committee. These three persons are in their turn responsible for clear communication between the Lustrum Committee and the Board. The President of the committee will keep close contact with the President of the association, who is the Board responsible for the Lustrum Committee. The Treasurer of the Lustrum Committee will keep close contact with the Treasurer of the association and finally, the Fundraising + PR Coordinator will keep close contact with the Commissioner for External Affairs and PR of the association.

A total of 14 people are directly involved in the Lustrum Committee. The subcommittees will meet once a week. The three main responsible persons of the Lustrum Committee will also meet once a week to discuss the progress of the subcommittees in order to inform the Board about the progress of the Committee as a whole. They will inform the Board every two weeks.

An example of what the Lustrum 2017 could look like:

Lustrum 2017

Monday 13th November 2017
Opening Lustrum & Opening party
Program Committee
Tuesday 14th November 2017
Hangover Brunch (Hand out Lustrum Book)
Disputen Activity
Movie Night
Lustrum Book
Lustrum Book
Program Committee
Wednesday 15th November 2017
Program Committee
Thursday 16th November 2017
Lustrum Conference
Lustrum Conference Committee
Friday 17th November 2017
Lustrum Gala
Program Committee
Saturday 18th November 2017
Alumni Day