Lustrum Book

Are you not a current member of SIB-Groningen, but would you like to read about its history nonetheless? Then order your own Lustrumbook now! This book covers all of SIB’s history, from the early years through the revival in the eighties, all the way to now. You can read about the different entities SIB had over the years, all the locations where events were hosted, and interesting speakers that we’ve gotten to know. You can also read interviews with former (Board)members. So order yours now!

Lustrum Book Committee

The Lustrum Book Committee is the committee within SIB-Groningen that created the Lustrum book. This is similar to our normal yearbook, but instead of looking back at the past year it gives an impression of the SIB throughout the past 75 years. The members of the committee were responsible for collecting and writing the texts, as well as the design of the Lustrum book. The committee consists of (from left to right): Wouter Stigter (Treasurer), Florentyna van Zanten, Dillon Fernandes and Sarah Heeling (Coordinator of the Lustrum Book).

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