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Disputen hunt

Disputen are friend groups that are connected to the SIB. They are structured to the extent that they have fixed nights a week on which they eat together, and sometimes ...

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Committee Market

Mesacosa Zwanestraat 35, Groningen, Netherlands

Got a knack for organisation, a creative side, or something else you want to contribute to the SIB? Joining a committee presents an opportunity to get more involved in the ...

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Running Dinner

During the Running Dinner new members can visit four Disputen to share some food and drink, and to get to know them better! Not sure which of the Disputen could ...

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Policy GMA

Lust Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 58, Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

During their first GMA, Board 76 will present their policy paper for approval. This the perfect opportunity to gain more insight in the planned policy of the Board, ask your ...

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Inauguration: Dinner, Ceremony and Drinks

At inauguration day, new members can join a dinner, after which they will officially be inaugurated into the association.  The inauguration will be followed by a themed party. Sign up ...

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