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Let’s Gro – Gronings for Internationals

Friday 1 November 2019, 13:00 - 15:00

The ‘Gronings’ of today! – Science and Art as the mirror of a language community

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On this Friday, SIB will take part in the Festival Let’s Gro. Together with the Centrum Groninger Taal & Cultuur (CGTC) we are organising the event Gronings for Internationals, a follow-up to the International Groninger Night earlier this year. By means of a lecture, live music performance and a crash course Gronings you will get introduced to the dialect of the province of Groningen, so that you’ll learn how to fit in with the natives.

Goffe Jensma from the Centrum Groninger Taal en Cultuur and professor of Frisian Language and Literature at the University of Groningen will tell us about the dialect of the Province of Groningen, the ‘Gronings’ of today. Giving a short overview of the past sixty years of history surrounding Gronings, he will answer the question of how to deal with the dialect in today’s period of digital, multimedia communication and internationalisation. Additionally, he will touch upon his new project WoordWaark, a digital interactive language database for Gronings. 

Marlene Bakker, singer and songwriter, will share her story of using Gronings in her music. Giving her own songs as an example, she is going to answer the questions: What are the challenges of writing and singing music in Gronings? Which choices does she have to make regarding language? Are there rules to the Groninger dialect? And do you really have to pay attention to them when you write music or poetry?  

Both speakers will take turns talking, with intermezzos of live music by Marlene Bakker and guitarist Bernhard Gepken. 

Language Course: Gronings for beginners!

During this ‘Crash Course Gronings’ you will get an introduction to the dialect of Gronings and the necessary words to survive the Groninger city life. Olaf Vos is known, among other things, for his performances in the Groninger band VanDeStraat and the Dutch TV channel TV Noord. During the event, he will teach you the most important words and phrases to make it through day and night in Groningen, touching upon topics such as asking for directions or doing your groceries, all the way to nightlife and flirting, so you will have all your bases covered.



Friday 1 November 2019
13:00 - 15:00

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