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‘War on Memes’ by Stef van Gompel

8 April at 20:00 - 22:00

On February 13, the European Parliament approved the new EU Copyright Directive. Normally, such a piece of legislation would not be the center of attention of a heated debate, but this time it is. The reason for this debate is not the piece of legislation as a whole, but a very particular article within it: article 13. This article stipulates that content platforms are responsible for any copyrighted material which is illegally uploaded to their servers, and they must make sure that this content is removed from their servers. Once again, this does not seem a very controversial point to make. However, many content creators on the internet are afraid that large content platforms such as Youtube, Google or Reddit, will be removing large amounts of innocent content, just to make sure they do not run the risk of being fined. According to other internet users, this is a huge threat to memes. Memes are usually based on copyrighted images, which are modified in a certain way. This means that this article 13 could, according to some, spell the end for memes in Europe. 

To talk about this debate with us, we will be joined by Stef van Gompel, from the University of Amsterdam. He is a researcher there at the Institute for information law and editor for the magazine for Information law. 

This event is free and open to everyone. 



8 April
20:00 - 22:00


Café De Troubadour
Peperstraat 19
Groningen, Groningen 9711PC Netherlands
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