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Lecture Irene de Vries

Monday 15 January, 20:00 - 22:00

Recently, the global conversation around reproductive rights has gained momentum, with a focus on dismantling restrictive policies and advocating for safe abortion. As we discuss the necessity for expanding the legal grounds for abortion and the pivotal role healthcare providers play in this crucial area, this lecture aims to evaluate the complex landscape of legal frameworks surrounding abortion.

The intersection of reproductive rights and gender equality must be explored in order to challenge societal taboos and challenge restrictive norms surrounding women’s choices. As a cornerstone of women’s autonomy, safe abortion advocacy must be understood as an urgent necessity. Taking a global perspective enables us to navigate the complexities of legal frameworks and eliminate the barriers to safe and legal abortion access that hinder women. Women’s physical and emotional well-being is profoundly adversely affected by restrictive laws and societal stigmas as illustrated by real-world examples and case studies.

Discover how breaking barriers in the safe abortion movement contributes to a fair and just world where women’s rights are upheld.

Irene de Vries is a distinguished professional with a passion for global health and sustainable development. As a prominent figure at the forefront of research and advocacy, Irene has dedicated her career to addressing critical issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health. Following the attainment of her degrees, Irene dedicated several years to medical practice in the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and Zambia, primarily focusing on obstetrics & gynaecology, neonatal care, and pediatrics. Currently associated with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Irene’s expertise extends across diverse areas, including maternal health, family planning, and the promotion of safe abortion practices. 


Monday 15 January
20:00 - 22:00
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