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Different Aspects of Traditional Energy Markets


Traditional energy, such as oil and gas, today still dominates 82% of the total energy market. According to the Energy Information Administration, this number is not going to drop heavily before 2040, with a 78% share in that year. In addition, traditional energy still plays a dominant role in politics, with large producers as Russia and Saudi-Arabia proving to use it for their political agenda. Moreover, issues surrounding traditional energy are highly relevant in the light of recent events, such as the drastic fall of oil prices, the current geopolitical tensions, and an increasingly assertive Russia.

Therefore NGIZ Noord and SIB Groningen will organize a symposium on 9 April together about the different aspects of the traditional energy market. We will discuss the dynamics between the different governments, businesses and financial markets. There will be multiple speakers, among which Hans van Cleef, Senior Sector Economy Energy at the ABN Amro, who will speak about the energy market from a financial perspective and Michel Dubbelboer, Russian Market Analyst of Gasterra, who will speak about the European gasmarket and the role of Russia and other supplies in this market.