Disputen are an important aspect of many Dutch student associations and the Dutch student culture. A Dispuut is a social group of friends, mostly with around 5-15 active Members, that has a set day of the week on which they have dinner together and enjoy drinks. Every year a Dispuut invites new members join and even after the members finish their studies in Groningen they usually keep contact.

The SIB has seven disputen. Every Dispuut organizes one activity, such as a lecture of a trip and one party a year. For these activities and for their overall attendance at SIB activities they earn points. At the end of the year the Dispuut with the most points wins the Disputen Competition. 

During the introduction period at SIB there are different activities during which you can get to know the Disputen a little bit better. But if you want to know more about a certain Dispuut, you can always ask them during drinks at the SIB.