Dies Natalis Conference

Ethics and Social Responsibility OF Artificial Intelligence

28 November, 15:00 | Remonstrantse Kerk, Groningen | €5,-

In this conference, we will look beyond the technical matters of Robotics and data science and will more look into the social implications that this upcoming phenomenon brings. In a variety of lectures, both masterclasses and keynotes, participants will gain insight into AI from different angles.

Registration (non-members)


If you decide to no longer attend the event, you can sign out for the conference by email to treasurer@sib-groningen.nl before the 24th of November and for the dinner before the 21st of November. If you do not sign out before these dates, you will be charged for the event.

If you can no longer attend, please sign out: somebody else might be able to take your spot.

Payment Methods

iDEAL supports all major Dutch banks.
SOFORT Banking supports banks from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

If your bank is located in another country, please contact treasurer@sib-groningen.nl.

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