Corona Volunteering Opportunities

The times of having to stay inside and the corona virus circulating are not easy for everybody. It impacts our daily lives and comfort, but some people are affected more than others. We have collected a list of organisations and opportunities for volunteer work in Groningen connected to the corona virus, or sites you can contact if you need help. If you have some spare time or would like to help out in the community, check out these websites!

Student voor Stad (Students for the city)

This student-run initiative offers the opportunity for you to sign up if you need help due to corona or if you would like to offer your help to those who need it right now. It also lists several options on what you can do right now – from grocery shopping for quarantined or people at risk, to food donations and blood donations. It is available in English and Dutch.

TOPPAS Groningen

Toppas is the central Dutch platform for people who would like to babysit or are in need of someone to take care of their children. Schools are currently closed, but many parents still need to go to work, which is why helping hands are appreciated.

Gewoon mensen die willen helpen (just people who want to help out)

If you need help, this website lets you make posts about what help exactly you need and where. For people who would like to help out, you can enter your postal code and it shows you where in your neighbourhood you can help.


Inlia (Internationaal Netwerk van Lokale Initiatieven met Asielzoekers/ International Network of Local Activities with Asylum seekers) is looking for extra volunteers at the TuVo (a location for refugees with a residence permit). They are looking specifically for volunteers to help out with activities for children. If you are a student who is not having any symptoms and would like to contribute to this initiative, you can sign up by sending an email to Marijn

UNHCR Art Contest Youth with Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is launching an art contest to help raise awareness that everyone, including refugees, has an important role to play in the fight against Covid-19. People between 12 and 25 years of age can submit their creations with the motto of #everyonecounts on the UNHCR website until June 10, 2020. The best art pieces will be animated and shared with about 8 million followers of UNHCR.

More Ideas?

If you know of any other initiatives that you would like to see published here, please send an email to Nina at

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