Galant Gala

The Galant Gala is a student gala yearly organised by 7 organizations: AEGEE, Clio, NEXUS, SIB, SOG, Ubbo Emmius and VIP. The Galant Gala takes place every spring and has a different theme every year.


The GIP (Groninger Internationalisering Platform) is a cooperation between six internationally orientated student organizations: AEGEE, TEIMUN, SIB, IFMSA-Groningen, AIESEC and ESN in the city Groningen. The main goal of the GIP is to structure the integration between international and Dutch students, in all the aspects of the student life. Furthermore, the GIP hopes to add something valuable to the policy concerning internationalization of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Integration Night

The Integration Night is organized by six student organisations in Groningen: AEGEE, SIB, ESN, Contractus, SOG and USVA. The Integration Night aims at stimulating international and Dutch students, to get to know each others’ cultures, make students acquainted with the cultural diversity Groningen has to offer, and promote the integration of students with different cultural backgrounds.


SIB-Nederland is the coordinating organization of the four SIB associations in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. SIB-Nederland keeps contact with NGIZ and NVVN. Every year the associations organize the SIB-NL gala together.

University Peace Days

Every year the University of Groningen organizes two lectures in cooperation with the SIB, Vintres, Clio and Ubbo Emmius. The lectures aim at calling attention to war and peace related topics.