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Are you interested in joining a committee in SIB?
SIB has 3 committees thatare  open for sign ups. If you need a reminder on which one does what, there are short descriptions of each committee below. After you have applied by sending an email to the address below, we will process the information and plan a short interview with you and decide if you can join the committee.

  • KEI Committee 23/24
  • Introduction Committee 24/25
  • Dies Natalis Committee 24/25

Please contact to apply for one of these committee.

1. Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of organising several intellectual activities during the second half of the academic year. Consisting of experienced members with a broad range of interests, they assist the Commissioner of Intellectual Activities by coming up with interesting topics, contacting a variety of potential speakers and making sure the events themselves run smoothly.

2. Bar Committee

The Bar Heroes make sure you won’t be dehydrated at SIB lectures, drinks and parties. Anybody who has been a member for more than a year can join the Bar Committee.

3. Dies Natalis Committee

The Dies Natalis Committee organises the birthday of the SIB. This means that they set up a major conference with seven or more speakers and an attendance of around 80-100 people, and SIB’s birthday party. The Dies Natalis Committee of 2023 is currently working on organising their Conference, for which the theme will be announced later.

4. Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee manages the online magazine of the association called ‘SIBylle’. The members of this Committee are responsible for writing content, but also for the layout and advertisement. The Chief Editor is the primarily responsible person for the workflow and the result. Every member of the Editorial Committee has different strengths where they can support the Committee the best. 

5. Dutch Activities Committee (New)

The Dutch Activities Committee is in charge of integrating Dutch student culture within the SIB by organising a beer cantus, the infamous Groninger night, SIBterklaas, and other activities centred around Dutch (student) culture. This committee plays an important role within the SIB in promoting a vibrant cultural exchange for both Dutch and international members of SIB-Groningen.

6. Hitchhiking Committee

Annually, this committee arranges a four-day hitchhiking competition to various European cities. In recent years, we’ve explored destinations such as Trier, Paris, Berlin, Bonn, and Warsaw. Our adventures typically involve visits to local institutions, encountering challenges at less-than-ideal petrol stations, and partaking in the “Shitty Tour.”

7. Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organises all intellectual events during the introduction period (from September until the beginning of November). In this period, they organise about eight intellectual Monday night events, a trip to The Hague and much more!  

8. Kei Committee

The KEI Committee coordinates the KEI-week, a major orientation week held in August for first-year students in Groningen. Their responsibilities encompass not only devising the SIB’s agenda for the week, including inventive activities and party themes to showcase our association but also overseeing the week’s execution and actively recruiting new members. Their goal is to maximize new member registrations during this event.

9. Public Relations (PR) Committee

The PR Committee is the greatest support for the Board regarding Public Relations. Together with the Commissioner of Public Relations, the committee organises PR stunts throughout the year and helps with taking pictures, doing poster rounds, helping with making a trailer, making posters for internal events and much more.  

10.  Social Activities Committee

The Social Activities Committee is responsible for organising several social activities during the year to improve the social cohesion in the association. These includes a one-day trip outside of Groningen and three social activities that can vary from sports to arts and crafts and barbecues to laser tag or karting. Additionally, they are trusted with the organisation of some SIB-classics such as  SIB on stage  and SIBs Introcamp which takes place to introduce new members to the association.

11.  Travel Committee

As the name suggests, the Travel Committee is in charge of organising the SIB-trip! This is a ten day trip happening in April in which we visit institutions, landmarks and much more. The committee set-up the trip, chooses the destinations, and makes sure that the whole thing runs smoothly, by the Travel Committee. Previous destinations have been: The Baltics (2022), Romania, Moldova and Ukraine (2019), and Morocco (2018).

12. Yearbook Committee

Every year the Yearbook Committee makes a wonderful yearbook where the past year will be reviewed. The book does not only consist of classics such as a list of all the SIB’s current members, but consists of stories, interviews and gossip, all to be determined by the Committee. The theme of the book and its whole lay-out is also up to the committee

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