Low-energy student houses: what can you do?

Published in cooperation with Overstappen.nl Students from the city of Deventer took the lead in this year’s Student Energy Race. They pulled out all the stops to achieve this: turning …

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Groningen has cheapest third-party car insurances

Published in cooperation with Overstappen.nl Research from Autoverzekering.nl shows that car owners in Groningen pay the least for a third-party car insurance. With a monthly premium of on average €15,89, …

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How to keep your stuff safe as a student

In cooperation with studentenwegwijzer.nl You are a student so every penny counts! Time to think about all that expensive stuff that is is stored in your dorm room. In almost …

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Protect your Privacy

By Anna Montagne I travel a lot by train. And yes, I’m a poor student who makes use of “WiFi in de trein” (WiFi on the train) because there is …

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