Former Boards

From left to right: Linda van Dijk, Josje Jurgens, Emilia Roder, Anna Lokhorst, Matthias van Binsbergen, Ellie Camara Board 2020-2021: “Adapt and Advance” Emilia Roder (President) Anna Lokhorst (Secretary, Commissioner …

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Project Groups

In addition to committees, the SIB has several project groups. Currently, the project groups are formed by members of the disputen.


Disputen are a typical Dutch student phenomenon. They are groups of members that come together during the week to have dinner and have a drink. They are close friends, who …

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De Vereniging Vrienden Van de SIB (VVV-SIB) is the SIB’s alumni association. VVV-SIB provides the opportunity to stay in contact with the people you met during your membership and keeps …

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The history of the SIB began with the founding of the Dutch Student Association for a Federal World Government (NSFW) on October 19th 1947 at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam. …

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Contact The Board is reachable via;Email ( (+31 (0)50 363 4674)FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn Companies or organisations with questions concerning sponsoring or cooperation with the association can send their questions directly to our …

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Think! We organise lectures, symposia and conferences on Monday nights. They deal with international topics such as politics, law, environmental issues, terrorism, economics, and human rights. Recent speakers include: Ankie …

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