Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

So the theme of Board with a Blog is sports. Because of this the statutory order is screwing me over slightly, both fencing and footie have already been taken by Mats and Zsa-Zsa respectively. This means that only speed skating is left for me. Therefore, I’m quite limited which is why some of the metaphors might be quite stretchy, like a speed skating suit.. or that simile.

Members are like water. Lovely, wet and able to sustain life. Members on their own are perfectly fine, but as they crystallize together with other members in disputen, committees, project groups or other confirmations, as they become ice so to speak, they become more interesting for a speed skater like myself. Crystallization of members is what I am tasked with. I am there to make sure that members have their place within the association. So I can ice skate all over them.

Or perhaps I am the ice and the members are the speed skaters and when I am stable the members can function better.
Or perhaps it just boils down to that everything is just hard when you are hungover.

I don’t know. All I know is that I am enjoying what I do and I’m very glad that you guys are a part of it.

Kom hangen.

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