Hockey is a Family Affair

Hockey is a Family Affair

When I was 6 years old, I started playing field hockey at our local hockey club. I have never stopped playing it since. When you start you really have to learn all the basics from coaches and trainers (mostly high school students and parents). In the beginning you just focus on learning how to run without tripping over your stick or how to play the ball to the next player. When you get older you start seeing the strategies that you have been using and as a team you apply them more consciously.

As a defender you are never the star player of a team, the one with the most elegance or best tricks. You are however the one that can observe really well how game is build up and develops. Once you start to see the patterns, you are the one that can build the basis the rest of the team can work from. When the rest of the team might be busy trying to make the most beautiful goals, you will sometimes have to call them back when things get too risky. Sometimes being a treasurer is the same. You will have to be the person who decides whether or not an activity is financially safe. You will have to find the fine balance between keeping your side of the field safe and making sure the team is also able to play offensive enough to win the game. Where in sport you can luckily always get advice from experienced players and coaches, as a treasurer you work together with the Audit Committee who will give you advise on financial matters.

Besides playing in a team, I would also coach younger kids. Al the techniques I had gradually learned throughout the years felt so naturally that I had find a way to explain those to the kids. As a treasurer your excel sheets and numbers start to naturally tell you the story and planning of a certain activity. It is then up to you to go over them with committee members  or fellow board members and to be the translator of stories the number tell.

Between my own practices and games and the one of my kids, I spend a lot of time at the club, luckily never alone. Field hockey is not only a team sport, it is a family sport as well. Saturday evenings where spend analyzing the games played that day and we would all learn from each other. With all my siblings playing at various levels and coaching as well, and my parents  heavily involved in the club, no day went by that not at least 2 of us were on the field.  The club always felt like a welcome place and we all had our own role to keep it going and make it even better. That feeling of all being involved in both the social life and the organizational tasks at an association is no different here at SIB. 

My best memories are of the yearly family tournament in which we would all dress up and play against other families. Lots of sunshine, home baked cakes, music and silly games made sure everyone was happy.  Those tournaments always gave a reminder about two things. First of all, coordinating outfits is always a challenge. Secondly, no matter how serious we take hockey as a family, never forget to be silly and have fun as well.

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