Defending Your Goals

Defending Your Goals


When I was younger, I loved to play soccer. For a big part of my soccer career, I have been a goalkeeper. You are all probably wondering how I, the small creature that I am, could have been defending the goal. Well, the answer to that is simple: I just made sure that my team played well enough that it barely was the case that I had to defend the goal. I tried to prevent getting on the losing hand and of course I was depended on my team for that as well. I tried to coach them and to make sure everybody was in the right position and did their tasks. As one can imagine sometime defense did fail, but in that case, I tried to tie up the loose ends.

Being President of the board has quite some similarities with being a goalkeeper. Most importantly, with both positions you are a vital part of a team. Especially as president you have to make sure teamwork runs smoothly and that all individuals fulfil their own tasks in order to make the dream work. No less important is keep(er)ing oversight. As president you have to keep(er) oversight of all that has to be done within the board and it is your final responsibility that everything will be done. However, things do not always run as smoothly as you plan and hope for. You have to deal with setbacks. Even if the score is not in your favor, you can still turn the game around. As a wise man once said: elk nadeel heb z’n voordeel. Or in other words, you can lose a battle, but still win the game.

As you all may know, all soccer players are, to say the least, quite vain. They really care about how they look like and about what kind of impression they make. As the ambitious soccer player that I was and the Commissioner of PR that I am, I can understand that being vain is essential to get the fans on your side and at the same time impress the enemy. One can say that as Commissioner of PR I have the same tactic as these soccer players. I try to make good looking posters and other PR related material to get as many people to attend as possible.

The team as a whole is essential and everyone has their own vital part to play. To understand all positions of the team, in the upcoming weeks, everyone will explain their tasks to defend the goal and eventually win the game.

By Zsa-Zsa van Wijk – President & Commissioner of PR

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