Check and Mate

Check and Mate


As you all have noticed, the theme of this Board with a Blog is sports. Now, this does suit me, since I have played a bunch of different sports in the past: judo, tennis, fitness. However, none of these really stuck to me. I’m just not that into sports I suppose.

However, there is one sport which has stayed with me all these years: chess! Whether by (almost) saving me from food poisoning in Morocco (#TeamChess), or by letting me laze on a Sunday afternoon, chess has just stuck around. The way you get better at chess, at least for most people, is not by having an innate gift for the game or an impeccable sense of logic (though both come in handy). It is simply by playing a lot of games, with a lot of different people. Each of them has their own openings, little manners of play, something for you to learn, and to later use against others. To learn chess, is to keep your eyes open and look around for those who have something interesting to teach you.

About the same thing is true for CIA’s. You don’t need to be a genius (insert self-depredating joke), you simply need to be open for a lot of people, ideas, and subjects, and be able to filter out what is useful, and what is not. This means reading as much as you can, listening to as many people as you can, and scouring the internet for interesting topics.

After that, it is simply writing an invitation.

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