Call me Sporty Spice

Call me Sporty Spice

Allez! This was the starting signal for another round during my time as a fencer. It was time to try and jab my weapon in somebodies chest to score that sought after point. Unfortunately, they were faster than I was, so I felt the sword jam in my chest. Maybe this was because they were still very young and thus faster and my old bones were not on par with their youthful stamina. Next to fencing, I also played tennis. I had the best of times smashing balls over the net and screaming like Serena Williams. After my fencing and tennis matches, it was of course time for some well-deserved rest and beverages.

As you can see, both of the sports I played when I was an even younger kid were solitary sports. Although I sometimes doubled during tennis matches, most of the times I was alone on the field smashing balls over the net. As you may have guessed by now, this was of course a great preparation for my role as Secretary at the SIB. I love spending hours in the SIB archives to look through the old pieces the SIB has to offer and categorize them. Furthermore, making structured lists, which is also an important aspect of being a Secretary, is also something I look fondly upon. Luckily for my extrovert side, the role of Secretary also has aspect where you come into contact with other human beings. For example, I love “doubling” with our Treasurer Anouk to streamline our member database.

Now, I hear you think “but how does playing those mostly solitary sports prepare you for the role of Commissioner of External Affairs then?”. Now let me tell you, it really did not. My role as President of the children committee at my local tennis club did though. Never before that time in my life had I had to deal with our local supermarket (sponsors), staying in contact with the parents (communication with external parties) and making sure all the kids like you (contact with other associations). Without these experiences, I never would have guessed that being Comm. Extern was a dream for me.

Last but not least, what my sports career made entirely clear is that playing sports can be fun, it is much better if you do it with a group. I would never have the joy and learning experiences without my friends. The same goes for being a board member. It doesn’t matter how much fun it is on your own, it is always better when you are with your fellow board members!

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