Board with a Blog: Update from Wouter Wissink in Warnsveld

By Renske Stuurman

It is only a few weeks ago since the members of the Preferred Candidate Board for the year of 2017-2018 were announced. It will not be long until they will run for the elections during the GMA of the 1st of June. These beautiful and valuable moments remind us of our own days as a Candidate Board, which we are now nostalgically looking back on. Unfortunately the year of our beloved President Wouter Wissink took a different turn, when he stumbled off the stairs. Even now, he still needs to recover. However, Wissink has never forgotten SIB-Groningens members and frequently sends updates to us on Whatsapp, either by means of a written message or a voice message. Not surprisingly, when we asked him if he would like another entry on the Board with a Blog, he was very enthusiastic. Overall, Wissink has never lost his cheerful and overenthusiastic spirit and cannot wait to join us again next year!

How is it going?

Hi everybody! I’m feeling better every day. I have restarted from practically zero, so it will take a while, but I’m happy to see progress every day!

How does an average day look like?

Ironically, it’s quite the opposite from how I lived in Groningen. Instead of diving into new (alcoholic) ‘knotsgekke’ adventures with all you crazy people, I now need structure. And a lot of rest.

I try to switch between intensive activities (reading/music/conversations/visits e.g. supermarket/family) and practical activities such as cooking. It’s all about the balance. Often I have one ‘big day’ with a visit to family or a big round by bike, and then a ‘resting day’. Cross borders, recover and go on. My mornings and evenings are very relaxed, and then during the afternoon I go out, or have friends over etc.

What has been the highlight of the past months?

When I could finally make it to my intake at the centre for revalidation in Arnhem, last week, that was a really big victory to me. Another memorable moment was the day that the dynamic duo Wouter Bouma and Douwe van der Meer dressed up like cliniclowns and paid me a visit. Truly hilarious, as you probably know the two.

What do you miss the most?

On the short term: cycling through Groningen. On a longer term: seeing friends again. I’m amazed by the fact how many people have already wanted to travel down all the way to the Achterhoek. Thanks! Oh, and I can’t wait to overwhelm innocent freshmen at an information market with enthusiastic stories about how much fun you can have at the SIB. €10 for half a year, ladies and gentlemen!

Do you have a message for the people in Groningen?

Lessons I learned in the past months have made me get rid of the ‘perpetual strive for more’ and in this way brought peace into my life. You are not your thoughts. They come. And they go, if you notice them. This way also emotions like fear and anger lose force, which helped me a lot. Stressing out is a choice.

If this is too deep, no worries. The old crazy Wouter is about to return.