Board with a Blog: Episode IV

And now it’s my turn to write a blog. As Commissioner for Internal Communication I’m responsible for all committees, disputen, and members. Which means that I preside over the disputen meetings, help my board members with their committees, and coordinate the contact with those three entities.  The decision I made to do a board year is one of the best decisions I have made so far. It’s a year filled with wonderful experiences, the trips and the Monday evenings. During a board year, you learn a lot about organizing events, scheduling, and working together in a team. Especially, the team part is an interesting one. You’re basically put together with five other people, you may or may not know that well, in a board with the idea: “Okay guys, you’ll be leading SIB for a year.” As a board, you spend more time with each other than without each other. The policy weekend was one of my personal highlights this year. Imagine standing in the beautiful surroundings of Ommen (the middle of nowhere to be exact), where the busses go once an hour and the last bus leaves at 7pm. After we took the last bus, we got out at a bus stop and it still wasn’t clear where in the world we were. What followed was a search for the right rental through the woods, while we were contacting our treasurer, who missed every possible train he had to take and ended up taking the regiotaxi to the rental. That policy weekend next to all the other things I’ve done with my board members marks as one of the highlights of this year.

So, you see each other at their worst, but also at their very best. The support you get from your board is incredible, whether it’s with SIB related activities or personal stuff. Like studying, being homeless for a couple of weeks and stay at ‘a homeless shelter’ at casa Stuurman, or get a lunch for the board members who have cleaned the basement. Even though the trips and big events are highlights of a Board year, the best moments with the Board, personally, are when we’re just sitting at the office drinking tea and coffee with each other.

Like we have all learned from the Spice Girls, Friendship never ends #hvj # wjnmk #ntb (English translation: #ily #nwly #ub)