Board with a blog

We started a blog series called “What do we actually do all day?” to give our members a look behind the scenes and to share some of our board experiences.

Is it all about the money?

By Geertruid Peene  A few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon at the office Pieter suggested to play the board game Monopoly. “Let’s play something else; this Board year feels already like a game…


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Rollercoaster Tycoon

by Lotte Huiberts Do you remember the game Rollercoaster Tycoon? We used to have a ‘floppy’ of the game at home. When I was little I played (or more often watched my brother play) the game for hou…


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Candidate Board With a Blog: First Memories

Candidate Board with a Blog – First Memories   I can’t believe that it is almost two months ago already when me and my fellow candidate board members found out that we were the preferred cand…


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Candidate Board with a Blog – Stiften

By Pieter van der Wees “Triple stift, jack-in-the-box!”, Maarten yelled at me when this picture was taken. The German pre-election debate had just taken place, and a few of our speakers were even …


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Candidate Board with a Blog: My SIB story

By Sven Schreurs The last twelve weeks have been a bit of a SIB rollercoaster. Applying for a Board position, having an interview, waiting anxiously to be called by the Board, meeting the rest of the …


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Board LXX: The perks of being a CommExtern

As the Commissioner for External Affairs, I have the privilege to represent the SIB far beyond the borders of the Association and even far beyond the borders of Groningen. This leads to me meeting the…


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Guestblog: Once Upon a Time, there were…

Once upon a time, there were…. Six blue board members, hanging on the wall. Six blue board members, hanging on the wall. And if one blue board member would accidentally fall (of the stairs), there w…


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Board LXX: ***Insert Inspirational Quote***

As the last one in line, I am the one with the honor to finish these beautifully written blogposts. You know what is a consistent and funny aspect of board members? Everyone thinks their position is t…


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Board LXX: Friendship never ends

And now it’s my turn to write a blog. As Commissioner for Internal Communication I’m responsible for all committees, disputen, and members. Which means that I preside over the disputen meetings, h…


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Board LXX: It’s all about the Ekkies.

Time flies, that’s what they say right? And this saying is the certain truth in the case of a board year. The paradox of board-time is an interesting one. It feels like time has flown by, while at t…


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Board LXX: Our home at the Pelsterstraat

A small, non-descript building at the Pelsterstraat houses the office which SIB-Groningen calls home. It is at our SIB-office which we so lovingly call “het Pand” where most of the work which is n…


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Board LXX: Square, Jungle, Pumpkinhead

Dear members, Square, jungle, pumpkinhead. With these words I would like to kick off the SIB’s new series of Board with a Blog, and you will soon find out why. Since there is so much to talk about a…


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Part VI: Pony Riding (PR)

Part VI: Pony Riding (PR) Renske Stuurman Two years ago my heart belonged to Arnhem, the place I grew up. When I was younger, I never figured leaving my province (okay maybe I would be willing to trad…


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Part V: External Relations

Part V: External Relations By Marc Ravenhorst Do you know that tall, blond guy standing every Monday till late at Club Kiwi, usually with a beer in his hand? Well, that is me! My name is Marc Ravenhor…


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Part IV: Internal Affairs

Part III: Internal Affairs By Liezabeth Heddema After meeting my fellow candidate board members through an awkward FaceTime call. I was sure that next year is going to be a year filled with amazing ex…


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Part II: The beginning of an adventure…

Part II: The beginning of an adventure… By Maarten Lemstra Just before we were going to be announced as Preferred Candidate Board of SIB-Groningen we subtly left the downstairs party to move towards…


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Part I: Candidate Board with a Blog

Part I: Candidate Board with a Blog By Wouter Wissink Dear members,Imagine you are a 19-year-old naïve, rather ignorant, fresh high school graduate, wandering through Groningen at this first day of t…


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Part VIII: The year has flown by

Part VIII: The year has flown by By Juul Oosterhuis As I am writing this, I am sitting on a plane to Tallinn with my lovely colleague Milenka to surprise the members of the SIB that are currently trav…


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Part VII: Constitution drinks

Part VII: Constitution drinks By Violette Kanyemesha According to some (Erwin) Constitution drinks are the best thing about doing a Board year. In short, constitution drinks are networking events with…


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Part V: Money magic

Part V: Money magic By Dorien van Dam I used to get a bit annoyed by my dad constantly referring to ‘his Board year’ and ‘his time as a Board member’. How bad-ass he was for getting drunk – …


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Part IV: Mondays

By Violette Kanyemesha In my first blog I gave a description of my tasks as a Board member. However to give everyone a good image of what a board member of SIB (Secretary and Commissioner for Internal…


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Part III: Looking back

Part III: Looking back By Saina Abeshzadeh On the 12th of May 2015, somewhere in the evening, I got an anonymous phone call in the UB. I knew this could only be one person. I tried not to make too muc…


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Part I: Adventures in Paris

By Erwin Zuidema To me, Being the President of SIB-Groningen is a great way to experience the SIB and the student life in Groningen because associations are a very important part of the student cultur…


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