SIB Board 2019-2020

You can apply for a position within the board by sending your CV and a motivation letter to before the 1st of April 2019.

In the Spring of 2019 the SIB will search for a new Board, all members are welcome to apply for a function within the Board. A board year is a unique opportunity and a way of life that will not only guarantee you a year full of wonderful moments and priceless experiences; it will also provide you with excellent extracurricular credentials that you are unable to obtain anywhere else and that are a must-have in today’s job market.

As a board member of SIB you will be in charge of SIB-Groningen. You will work in close co-operation with your fellow board members in order to assure that the organization keeps functioning the way it does. You will work together with committees in order to organize many great and interesting activities, and finally you will maintain close contact with the biggest names within the academic world, high government officials and big business companies. Furthermore, you will be the center of the organization. As a board member you will be in contact with Disputen, Committees, Project Groups and over 400 members. In other words, you will have to deal with a unique set of responsibilities. One moment you will be in contact with a minister or ambassador, the next you are organizing a smashing theme party.

A board position is something that will help you for the rest of your life and forms a unique learning experience next to your studies. It is something that, in combination with a diploma will complete your CV. It will teach you to think and work independently, to work effectively with other people and to cope with big responsibilities. In today’s job market it is not only frequently asked, but often demanded that you obtained extracurricular credentials. The SIB Board is one of Groningen’s most professional and efficient boards and will therefore provide you with learning opportunities that you are unable to acquire elsewhere.

Since 2013 it is possible to apply either for a full-time or a part-time board position. Students who apply for a fulltime board position are expected to work from Monday till Friday during office hours and to attend all activities organized by the board. It will however still be possible for you to acquire a maximum of 15 ECTS next to your board year. For those students who wish to acquire between 20 or 40 ECTS, there is the possibility to fulfil a part-time position within the board. This would mean that you would be working for SIB at least three days a week during office hours and attend most of the activities. Moreover, the SIB Board is unique in that it is open to both international and Dutch students. 

Within the board the following positions are available:

President – Fulltime

The President is the face of the association. It is the president’s responsibility to oversee the tasks of his fellow board members, motivate and guide them. Furthermore, the president prepares and chairs the weekly board meetings, the General Members Assembly and the policy weekends, where the board creates the policies for the association.

Secretary – Part time 

The Secretary is responsible for the membership administration, the incoming and outgoing post and e-mail. It is his task to work out the minutes of the General Members Meetings and write the weekly newsletter for the members. He or she has to stay in contact with VVV-SIB, our Alumni association, and initiate events to raise money for our charity.


Treasurer – Fulltime

The Treasurer has the financial authority and carries the final responsibility for the financial situation of the association. It is the task of the treasurer to decide on budgets, cope with changing budgets and keep an overview over them. Furthermore, his or her tasks are to calculate and withdraw the amount money every member spends on drinks and activities, as well as accountancy.

Commissioner of Internal Communication – Part time

The main task of the Commissioner of Internal Communication is to stay in contact with the committees, Disputen, project groups and members in general. He or she will be in charge of the committee interviews, as well as the organization of social events like the Running Dinner and the Active Members Day. Furthermore, he or she prepares and chairs the members meetings, the meetings with the Disputen and the meetings with mentors. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Internal Communication initiates new policies for SIB.

Commissioner of Intellectual Activities – Part time

The main responsibility of the Commissioner of Intellectual activities is to keep an overview of the activities of the association. His or her tasks are to organize intellectual activities that take place every Monday.

Commissioner of External Affairs – Part time 

The Commissioner of External Affairs is responsible for raising money for the association in forms of acquisition and fundraising. He or she is responsible for finding and maintaining proper contacts with locations and external partners. The CE is also in charge of the setting up and signing of contracts.

Commissioner of PR – Part time

The Commissioner of PR is responsible for updating the website, the SIB Facebook page and other social media. Furthermore. He or she designs, prints and spreads promotion material (posters, flyers, etc.) in order to attract new members. Moreover, he or she is responsible for establishing and maintaining contacts with the media.

* Two part-time positions can also be combined into one full-time position. A part-time position however could also be done as a fulltime position.