We organize weekly lectures, symposia and conferences. Recent speakers include Karol Suárez, Charis McGowan, and Marina Kaljurand


After every lecture, we have drinks or parties that can last late into the night! Our 8 disputen meet weekly for dinner and drinks.


Join one of our 15 committees and project groups to arrange a lecture with a big speaker, plan a theme party or coordinate an international trip!


Explore the world on our trips! We’ve been to places like Brussels, Morocco, Paris, or even Russia. We visit interesting local or international institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Actually, the SIB is designed to be something additional to and not instead of your studies. You can be as active or as inactive as you want. So feel free to take a break from it all during your exams, for example.

Additionally, SIB brings you those experiences that are just as crucial for you in your student life, but that you might not find in your study program. As part of the SIB, you will be able to visit interesting (international) institutions, develop all kinds of skills in joining a committee, and explore new interests by meeting a diverse crowd of people, as well as travel the globe.

Becoming a member of SIB-Groningen is not expensive at all, the KEI Deal is only €15! This offer is valid until the 12th of September 2024. If you decide to stay past the 1st of January, the fee for the second half of the year is €35. If you become a member after the 12th of September, the costs are €50 per year.

Indeed, our lectures are open to everyone, and we are always glad to see the broad audience that our lectures attract.

However, there is much more to the SIB than the lectures. If you become a member, you can join our weekly drinks, theme parties, social activities and more exclusive activities such as our Diplomats Dinner and all of our trips.

Moreover, being a member of the SIB is mainly about being part of a community. As a member, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of social activities and not only make friends there but join committees, a dispuut, and even a project group as well.

No. At the SIB, nothing is mandatory. Of course, we encourage you to attend our activities, mainly the introductory ones, as they are designed for you to find your place and friends within the SIB, but we will never force you to do anything: you can be as involved and active as much or as little as you want. Furthermore, the SIB does not have any hazing (ontgroening) activities.

Other questions? Just ask! Send us an email at , or visit us at one of our events.

Sign up using the sib summer deal until the 7th of september!


Become a member!

Please fill out the form below to become a full member of SIB Groningen.

Not sure yet? Feel free to join us at one of our activities – or contact the board for more information.

If you are already a member, but would like to apply an account on the website, please follow this link.


  • The contribution of 50 Euros will be collected around 1 November of the association year. If you have signed up under the Summer SIB Deal (valid until 12 September 2024), then the contribution is reduced to 15 Euros. If you decide to stay past the 1st of January, the fee for the second half of the year is €35.
  • Members sign the mandatory ‘algemene machtiging’ (financial authorisation), with which they authorise SIB-Groningen to collect all financial obligations towards SIB-Groningen from the above stipulated bank account. Within four weeks of signing the ‘algemene machtiging’ a member can cancel this authorisation at their bank. If you become a member after 1 November of the association year or you did not cancel your membership with the Summer SIB Deal, the (remaining) contribution will be collected around 1 June.
  • Cancellation of the financial authorisation is only possible by ending the membership in writing to the Secretary.
  • Cancellation of the membership is due in writing before 1 September of the association year. Cancellations that are received after 1 September will mean the contribution of that association year is still due.
  • Changes of address have to be submitted to the Secretary of the Board as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

  • SIB-Groningen collects your personal data to comply with its legal obligation to keep a members administration. Furthermore, your data are used to keep you updated about our association and its activities.
  • The Board of SIB-Groningen is responsible for the protection of your personal data.
  • We collect and store the information you have provided us with on your membership registration form, both digitally and on paper. This consists of your name, address, date and place of birth, study, student number, phone number, email address, and IBAN.
  • During your membership, your contact details might be shared with Disputen, committees, and other entities within our association to help them in finding new members and in executing their tasks. The Board only shares your contact details within our association if they deem this strictly necessary for the attainment of the entity’s goals.
  • Your student number is shared with the University and the Hanzehogeschool in order for us to qualify for funding. Your student number is only used by these partners to determine the number of members in our association, and is deleted after this has been established.
  • Once your membership ends, your personal data are stored for two years. After this, all of your personal data will be deleted.
  • To request a copy of your personal data, please send an email to
  • If you would like to change or erase any part of the personal data stored by us, please send an email to

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Interested in the SIB?

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