this is the world we built

Return to Editorial Page A small tv-show recommendation At 9am, every Sunday morning, the Swedish radio releases a two-hour long program called “God Morgon Världen” (Good morning world). Growing up …

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Is it Fascism

Return to Editorial Page What does the crisis of fascism consist of? To understand this, it is said that there is the need, in the first place, to define the …

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An island in the mists

Return to Editorial Page Jacob Roggeveen is standing on board his ship Arend as its bow splits the surface of the silent ocean. He grew up in Middelburg in the …

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The Gaping maws of digital media awaits

Return to Editorial Page The rise of digitalisation, has brought many great boons, as well as dangers and detriments with it. The average person never strays far from a digital …

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Fish Migration: A national crisis

Return to Editorial Page In the recent Dutch elections, ultraconservative politician Geert Wilders came out on top. His slogan: “Zet Nederlanders weer op 1!” (Prioritise the Dutch again!) seems to …

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