(Aspiring Dispuut) Mancala

When it comes to Disputen, we are SIB’s new kids on the block. Even though we were only founded around last March, we already stand six members strong, with meetings every week. And we do intend to do things very differently from the other Disputen! To start with our name: we are named after the very first board game invented, probably, all the way back in Ancient Egypt. As you probably guessed by now: we do love our games! Yet, in spite of everyone’s eternal struggle to get their names recorded in the Mancala Victory Book, our evenings are clear evidence that one may not always need all too much in order to have a good time every week! With this knowledge in the back of our heads, we intend to unleash a quiet revolution in SIB’s Disputen landscape by the time we are elevated to official Dispuut status. Sound interesting to you? Incidentally, playing a game of Mancala is the only formal requirement for joining our ranks!

“Hello new member, we want to play a game.”