Five years ago, a group of strangers came together under the shining moon of Tolbert to found what would be the first international dispuut of the SIB: QUE (Qui Undique Erunt = “those who will be everywhere). Blessed by its fierce and merciful deity adorable mascot Pricus, QUE expanded its reach as time went by and captivated more and more members, evolving into the joyous cacaphony which it is today. 

Welcome, visitor! You’re just in time. In 2019–2020, we’re celebrating our very first Lustrum (five-year anniversary)! And we can proudly say that we have lived up to our name. Not only do our roots lie everywhere and have we lived in the most diverse places, we’ve also built up a worldwide representation. Our members are located in places as remote as Japan and Colombia, Algeria and the US of A. Plus, a recurring highlight of our dispuut is the (in)famous annual QUE trip, which has taken us all the way to Ukraine, Sicily and Turkey! Quod erat demonstrandum.

With our four An(n)as*, short names, and the highest amount of glasses and lenses of all disputen, we’re a dynamic, diverse, close-knit bunch. Our personalities range from ‘love-love-rainbows’ to ‘will definitely kill you’. (But we do love each other.) What’s more, we’re a very active dispuut! We pride ourselves on having a member in the SIB Board every year and winning the Disputen Competition twice.

When we get together, we like to have discussions about very serious or completely ludicrous things (though usually the latter), going to premieres in the cinema of some film we’re too hyped about, celebrating Russian Christmas, travelling through Europe and beyond, playing cards or board games, and having a craft beer at ‘De Koffer’, a refreshing Guinness at ‘De Toeter’ or a cheeky cocktail at Warhol. 

=Don’t be afraid to talk to us on any Monday night, we won’t kill you; in fact, we’d be glad to share a drink with you. Or feel free to invite yourself to one of our dispuut nights, maybe we’ll give you the chance to get a glimpse of the chaos that is called QUE!


Alan, Ana, Ana, Anna, Anna, Conrad, Frank, Harm, Iris, Jesse, Julie, Karina, Kristan, Maarten, Max, Mendy, Michael, Odile, Pablo, Stefanie, Sven, Wouter

*Are you or do you know an An(n)(n)a? Please send an email to que@sib-groningen.nl.

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