Good day there weary traveller,

So you want to learn about dispuut Q.U.E., eh? Well, be careful, many have entered.. and none returned. You see, this cultish collective of kind comrades and compatriots called Q.U.E. consider themselves completely connected in their common objective: global encompassment.

You see, the acronymical Qui Undique Erunt means ‘those who will be everywhere’, which is shown plentifully in our individual and collective endeavours. Frame us as travel dispuut would not be wrong, yet it would be short-sighted and recklessly gloss over our many other facets we take pride in: cooking, drinking, boardgames, toetjes, general wholesomeness, slight sense of chaos. Have a chat with us whenever you see us and we’re certain you will be charmed so. And if you have any questions about Q.U.E. in particular, we will gladly tell you about the rich history and bragging rights we have (first international dispuut, only dispuut where members have a tattoo of the mascott, pioneer in many other ways).

Catch you on the flipside!

In Pricus we trust,

Dispuut Qui Undique Erunt (Q.U.E.)

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