Dear members and Board members,

Do you know what happens to those old and bitter board members once their term is up and they are discarded like a paper towel? They fall down a black hole and only a miracle can pick them up and wash them clean from all the beer and negativity thrown at them during their board year. Turns out miracles do exist. Welcome to Dispuut Pardon?!

We are the second youngest Dispuut in SIB, but our spiritual successors can be traced back a long way. We unite all former Board members since 2017-2018. Once every three weeks, we gather to reminisce about our beautiful board life. Danique shares her stories about members that still haunt her dreams, Janneke shows her newly (accidentally) bought shoes, Geertruid shares her progress on her actiepuntenlijst, Lotte is still searching for a new goal in life, Pieter helps fix IT problems while shouting in Gronings, Sven usually folds up chairs and puts them to the side.

Dear potential former board members, once the black hole arrives, know that Dispuut Pardon?! might be there for you.* For the time being: are you ever in need of some (unwanted) advice or need to know the ins and outs of Muntendam? Ask the current board to contact us (we’d like to state our contact details, but GDPR is a bitch).

*Aan dit bericht kunnen geen rechten worden ontleend.

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