Founded in 2010, this is the ‘Lustrum’ year of the very best the SIB has to offer you: Metropolis! Celebrating this special anniversary with you in November, this might be the best place to share some beautiful memories of the last years, in which we have grown from the ‘Founding Six’ to what is currently one of the most flourishing and biggest Disputen within the SIB. For example, you can think of the first real trip we went on, rolling in the snow that fell over the trees surrounding the illustrious city of Tampère. Or what to think of the high-heel-tanktop-party we had in the midst of the Geordies in Newcastle? Or the freezing cold nights with camp fires while biking through the Ardennen by day? Our next trip will lead us to the shores of the Costa Del Sol, for 10 days of more awesomeness! And once we finish talking about these great trips we share a collective memory about magical inauguration/new-years dinners and the famous ‘Dispuutsweekends’.

So did we become grannies already? Of course not! Every Wednesday evening we create new moments of fame and apart from that members of Metropolis are to be found within the highest circles of European/Groningen’s political spheres, are innovating our energy sources, and driving across the country in the finest cars. Otherwise you can find us in the Harmony canteen, where we are busy working on (or rather discussing about) our route to success.

This is where it happens!

Anouk, Dennis, Fooke, Geertruid, Janneke, Linda, Rianne, Renske, Thom, Tim and Wojtek + our most active alumni (Ben, Ceciel, Claudia, Daniël, Emil, Esther, Fooke, Franzi, Hidde, Jonne, Joran, Jork, Nienke, Sten, Tessa and Wendie!)

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