Who are Metropolis? Great question! There is no one quick and easy way to explain us. Metropolis is a home away from home. Our Wednesday nights are filled with laughter, fun and occasionally inexplicable situations. We have the best activities! From our legendary annual weekend in Borger to visiting Metropolitanen who venture abroad. From going wild at carnival in Limburg to our own MEME-Trip or MAMA-day (you’ll have to ask!). There’s always fun to be had! We are excited to be celebrating our second Lustrum in 2020, all the years we’ve had and will have together. 

So did we become grannies already? Of course not! Every Wednesday evening we create new moments of fame and apart from that members of Metropolis are to be found within the highest circles of European/Groningen’s political spheres, are innovating our energy sources, or you know … just chilling at the Harmony canteen, where we are busy discussing our route to success.  Or rather… our deviations from that route during the night before. Anyways:

This is where it happens!

Geertruid, Ivor, Janneke, Jari, Jessica, Jette, Jeroen, Josje, Linda, Nickita, Rianne, Rients, Renske, Sim, Stéphanie, Thom, Tim and Wojtek + our alumni (Anouk, Ben, Ceciel, Claudia, Daniël, Dennis, Emil, Esther, Fooke, Franzi, Hidde, Jonne, Joran, Jork, Nienke, Sten, Tessa and Wendie!)

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