Max Haveloos

Max Haveloos

Max Haveloos is the best mixed Dispuut since 2010. As you can see, our dispuut is already six years old. Last year we celebrated our lustrum with outrageous parties and trips. It was really awesome and if you want to know what we did, you can always ask us in person when we are adding some flair to the SIB parties and events.

In Groningen we are represented by thirteen active members; ten women and three men. We love to have a nice dinner together and we often go hit the city afterwards with a small group. There is never a Dispuut nights finished without going to the Shooters and ending the night with a delicious breakfast at the Hasret or the Vlaming.

Besides Groningen we have members throughout the Netherlands and all over the world. This year you can find us in a few Dutch cities, as well in Geneva, Odense and Paramaribo.

You might also know us from the super awesome Brussels trip we organize every year. With our extraordinary organizing abilities we give the members of SIB a journey to the capital of Europe for only five euros! The only trip that is cheaper than staying at home (if you don’t decide to spend money on lots and lots of special beer at the Delirium of course).

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